Survival Guru’s and Goofballs In The Media

Here’s some of the more well known names.  Lets get down too it.


Les Stroud (Survivorman), Ray Mears, Lofty Wiseman (SAS Survival Guide), NutnFancy, Jack Spirko (The Survival Podacst), Bob Mayne (Today’s Survival Show Podcast), Cody Lundin, Dave Canterbury (although we almost failed him for pretending stream water was safe to drink through a cigarette butt), Scott O’Grady (downed Airforce pilot in Bosnia), Aron Ralston (hiker that cut through his own arm), Colby Coombs, Eric L’emarque, Max Brooks (Zombie Survival Guide), Anyone on the TV show I Shouldn’t Be Alive.

Goofballs: Anyone on the TV show Survivor and Bear Grylls.

Bear has just been stung by bees trying to retrieve honey from a bee’s nest in a cave.   3 minutes from now he will attempt to pick up a venomous snake he wanders upon.

He has a great pedigree, but Bear Grylls turns into a goofball when the cameras start rolling.  Which is a shame because from his interviews he seems like a solid guy.

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