BCB Nato Survival Matches Review

BCB claims these are the finest waterproof matches anywhere.  They are alleged to burn for 12 seconds, be totally windproof and will continue to burn after dropping them in water.  They come in a ‘water tight’ container with striker lid and are the match of choice for NATO, USAF, Red Cross, US Marine core and others per the manufacturer.

Price: $4 for 25

Lets’s take a look at their performance.

Everything Dry: With match and striker dry, the match easily lights and burns for 12 seconds and is impossible to blow out, as advertised.  While lit, when doused in water for under a second, they will return to life.  Submersed for any longer and ours extinguish.

Match Wet: Same as dry match.

Match & Striker Wet: Ignites easily. Performs like dry match.

“Watertight container”: We ran ours under a faucet for 3 minutes and found no leaks.  Submersed for 3 minutes under water and a small amount of water leaked inside.  Eh…. These babies are waterproof.

Strike anywhere? No, are you trying to burn down your bug out bag? We found strike pads on the top and bottom of the container that are much more durable than strike pads found on boxed matches or flimsier carton style containers.

These are terrific survival matches.

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