UCO Stormproof Matches Review

The manufacturer claims these are the ‘ultimate’ stormproof match that stays lit for 15 seconds and are wind and waterproof.

Price: $3-5 for 25

How do they perform?

Everything Dry: When striker and matches are both dry, the match lights readily and burns for 15 seconds. The flame is impossible for us to blow out as well demonstrated here on youtube.  I doused one under water for a split second and it stayed lit, much longer than 1 second  and it extinguishes.

Match Wet: Wet, they perform identically to dry.

Match & Striker Wet: The first match finally ignited after many attempts but virtually destroyed both strikers on the box. Subsequent matches wouldn’t light until the  striker dried to a ‘moistened’ state at which point lighting was possible but again, difficult. 

We could not get the matches to strike on zippers, stone, brick, cement, grout, serrated blade… ie they are not strike anywhere matches.  So if your striker gets wet, you may or may not be able to light the match.

Overall we like these matches quite a bit. They live up to claims made.  One might keep a spare, dry striker somewhere other than with the matches themselves.

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