“Commando” Wire Saw Review

This is the Commando Wire Saw.  Versions are sold by Rothco, Coghlans, Galaxy Army Navy, BCB and probably others.   After watching countless youtube reviews with widely variable results we decided to try them for ourselves.

Price: $3-9

In brief, some wire saws have bigger “teeth” than others.  We feel this makes some difference in performance but not much (excluding the “chain” wire saw variety). They are all very lightweight, compact and relatively inexpensive.  None of which makes up for the fact they are ineffective.

Progress through the smallest diameter branch is painstakingly slow and one feels they are expending 3 or 4 times more energy than should be necessary.  If your angle is too steep with the wire it will snag frequently. Ours ended up with a crease in it as we moved from a branch to a log to a fence post that made it difficult to use.  It also became increasingly ineffective as saw dust embedded itself in the tiny wire grooves and teeth of the saw with ongoing use.

The small size and negligible weight of these saws make them attractive for many people but they simply will not do 1/4 the work of an anybrand handheld 6″ folding saw which can usually be had for $8-12 and are also fairly lightweight.  Gerber makes one. SOG’s Revolver series is attractive too.  

In a pinch, they might be better than nothing. Maybe.  We suggest choosing something more reliable and efficient.

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