Sony ICF-s10MK2 Pocket AM/FM Radio Review

This no frills, lightweight radio from Sony has a telescopic FM antenna and easy to use tuner dial.

Price: $13-19

Weight w/ batteries: 6.5oz

Batteries: 2 AA, supply your own.

The reception is good and the antenna is easy to use and folds away neatly at the radios side when not in use.  It is easy to tune and comes with an earphone jack.  That is all.

We tuned to an FM station near my house and took off down the highway to test its range.  The signal dropped off at 36 miles.  Our car radio picked up the station out to 84 miles for comparison.  Not bad for a handheld radio.

It’s ugly, requires 2 batteries and has no frills whatsoever.  Obviously, it’s not waterproof. That being said it is cheap, easy to tune, gets adequate reception and has respectable range for a handheld radio.  There are more expensive, better radios with more frills in the $20-50 range to be sure.  They are usually larger and heavier but if you are willing to pay more they may be more useful in the home emergency setting.

This one seems like a reasonable choice for a portable AM/FM emergency radio to us.

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