Hunting with 6.5 Grendel vs 6.8 SPC

This is old news for the interested medium game hunter but here is the best ballistics chat and charts we’ve found on the subject.  No surprise, factory Grendel ammo wins at all ranges.  Under 300 yards is there a real difference though?  6.8 SPC is easier to find and more reliable in the AR platform.  On the other hand, ammunition cost lands squarely in favor of the 6.5 Grendel for now with Wolf’s offerings.  Then again, 6.8  reloaders say their platforms are cheaper to build and reloaded rounds can play catch up to the Grendel… Bleh

Will they both fade away when commercial ammo is made for the SSK 6.5 MPC ? These guys make the 300 Whisper which is an impressive round too.

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