Leatherman Squirt Review

Cost:  $25

Weight: 1.9oz

The Squirt is a pea sized Leatherman stainless steel multitool that comes with a 25 year warranty and a keychain attachment.  There are two versions, one with scissors as the main tool and one with pliers.   The squirt includes the following:

– 420HC Clip Point Knife
– Spring-action Needlenose pliers
– Regular Pliers
– Wire Cutters
– Scissors
– Medium Screwdriver
– Flat/Phillips Screwdriver
– Wood/Metal File
– Bottle Opener

We have the usual complaints about the flattened phillips head screwdriver but this drawback is far from unique to the leatherman mini-multitool.  In fact many full size multitools posess this unfortunate feature.  Outside of this tiny drawback this is alot of multitool for the money. 

All pieces open and close easily.  The grip is sturdy and the scissors actually work!  Compared to the Gerber, Coast and SOG tools we tried this is a welcome relief.  Scissors in multitools have limited usefulness to begin with to be honest.  They are for trimming small bandages, or possibly nose hairs, cutting fishing line, opening plastic packages, etc.  In general, they are flimsy and dull and the spring mechanisms that open them after each cut tend to fail quickly.  Not the Leatherman.  These scissors are razor sharp and highly functional.

The knife blade is adequate, and sharp.  We found it to be secure in its open position.  The pliers are fantastic.

Overall this is THE mini-multitool to own if you can afford it.  After you personally compare Leatherman tools to their competitors you will not mind spending a little extra money, trust us.

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