Aurora Fire Starter

From Solo Scientific the Aurora Fire starter comes in laser cut, anodized black stainless steel and silver stainless steel.  The standard version has a steel blade for sparking that can be removed with an allen wrench and reverse mounted once one side wears down, giving it several thousands of strikes before a replacement is needed.  Extra blades and extra rods may be ordered, of course.  The upgraded version comes with an alloy blade that never needs replacing .  Best of all, the Aurora is made in the USA!

Cost: $16-22

Weight: 2.4 oz

The Aurora is very compact, lightweight and has a small keyring or lanyard attachment.  The cap screws on snuggly and one is impressed with the obvious durability of this unit.  It took us some practice to get the blade angle correct with the striking rod but once we did this thing produced an absolute shower of sparks.  I mean a waterfall.  We are completely impressed and congratulations to Solo Scientific.

Pricepoint wise, it is slightly more expensive than the UST Blastmatch, UST Sparkie and Spark Lite fire starters, the latter of which may have some quality issues.  Given its rugged durability, superior effectiveness and the fact that Solo Scientific is putting together an attachable flare launching device with custom flare, however, we think this is a great deal.

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