GoLite Poncho Tarp Review


The GoLite Poncho Tarp is lightweight and well designed but for those who expect their poncho to take some abuse, this product may dissapoint.

Weight: 7  1/8 oz

Price:  $66-$75

We purchased the “Evergreen” colored version and were pleased with the ergonomics.  Ours weighed just over 7oz and was extremely compact.  It was well made and we were particularly impressed with the reinforced tie straps along the sides used when securing the GoLite as a tarp.  The hood ties off well when it is time to function as a shelter.  It is large so the designers included a snap and velcroe system to shorten the back of the poncho when worn without a backpack to keep one from tripping over it.  Nice.

PROS:  Very well made, very lightweight.  Excellent design.

CONS:  The price.

Silnylon can be very tough.  But when it is rolled out into a 1.1 oz sheet so thin you can see through it…  This poncho has reasonable tensile strength (it is difficult to overstretch) but durability HAS been sacrificed to achieve its low weight.  The silnylon is sooo thin that ours was easily punctured and we remain concerned it could be ruined the first time you wear it into thick brush or get hung up on a branch.

To save on weight they have forgone taping the seams.  Few online reviewers seem to have concerns about the rain resistant properties of the poncho.  Ours functioned fine under a hose for a five minutes but one has to wonder.

In summary, the GoLite ultra-lightweight poncho tarps are best suited for a the ultra-light hiker who has extra cash and wants bragging rights about their uber gear.  There are many nice features here.  It is well designed and for the right consumer, a very nice piece of equipment.  As a piece of survival or hunting gear lightweight, silnylon ponchos may be too expensive and lack needed durability to be of value.

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