Sogfari 13″ Machete Review

The Sogfari 13″ Machete!  What a fantastic concept.

Price: $14-$17

PROS:  Great idea.  Large hacking blade for clearing brush combined with a saw blade on the back.  Unlike the former Gerber incarnation of the machete-saw, the handle on this guy is sufficiently guarded to keep your hand from sliding off onto the upward facing blade when using it as a saw.  +1 SOG engineers.  Also, nice price.

CONS: Though large, our saw teeth came a bit dull out of the package.  The blade, at 0.08″, is not thick enough for any real meat and potatoes machete work. That is a fact.  Our blade was plenty sharp.  It did not bend during testing but there are plenty accounts of this happening with routine use around the internet.  (-2).   Best go with a thicker piece of steel unless you anticipate light duty clearing only. 

Summary: You get what you pay for.  Although this machete does not appear to represent typical SOG quality and design to us, it may be useful for casual work.

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