Wise Freeze Dried Food Review. Savory Stroganoff.

Wise Foods has broken onto the scene with a conveniently packaged, inexpensive, freeze dried alternative to current long-term food storage champ, Mountain House.

Here is a video comparing the two company’s Stroganoff meals.

For me, Mountain House prevails as far as taste.  Mountain House also has fewer ingredients you can’t pronounce and incorporates actual meat in their Stroganoff.  But Wise Foods is far from out of the fight.  Their superior and convenient packaging, slightly longer storage life and reduced cost per calorie makes them a serious threat.  We note the absence of real meat in many of their dishes, which may be considered by some to be a negative, probably makes their meals are more accessible to vegetarians.  Note that every one of their “gourmet meat” meal packs does contain actual meat, just be sure to know what you are buying.

Overall we scored this one a draw.  The companies seem to cater to different audiences and they both succeed on their own merits.  For now, Wise Foods deserves the attention they are getting from the emergency preparedness community.

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