Wise Company Freeze Dried NEW Outdoor Line Review

Wise Company has added a new, enhanced Outdoors and Camping line to their product offerings and sent us a sample of one of their new meals to try.  There are several touted “upgrades”:

-All dinner and lunch meals contain real meat.

-Increased calories per pouch. Average 0f 700 calories.

-Increased protein per pouch. Up to 34 grams.

-Improved taste.

-New, wider pouch design makes it easier to eat directly from the pouch.

Our 500 calorie pouch of Creamy Veggie Rotini with Chicken cooked up nicely with boiling water.  Here it is standing for 15 minutes prior to consumption.  The new pouches are easier to use and access than their rivals which demonstrates, once again, that convenient, user friendly packaging is a priority for Wise Company.

Et voila! A creamy heap of noodles with some nice looking peas and carrots and also tiny bits of chicken.

On texture I give the meal good marks.  For those who haven’t tried freeze dried meals before, most brands are likely to surprise you with the nice texture and appearance of their reconstituted food.  Wise Company is no exception.

Taste is indeed improved over other Wise Food product lines, in my opinion, which have typically enjoyed average to good marks.  Improved seasoning and quality ingredients significantly elevate Wise Company’s new Outdoors and Camping Line if my sample is any indication.  This is a nice surprise and will certainly win converts for the brand.

Retail pricing brings the cost per calorie to about 1.1 cents.  Similar offerings from Mountain House, for reference, cost about 1.27 cents per calorie.

Solid packaging, the addition of real meat to all meals and superior pricing will likely make these new offerings from Wise Company the top choice for many outdoors enthusiasts.

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