Survival Cave Canned Meat Review

I take a closer look at canned meat!

Survival Cave Food Canned Meat Review

There are no preservatives, no artificial flavors, no chemicals and only a pinch of salt in any of these 28 oz meat-cans.  Pretty sweet.

Survival Food Cave claims there is no expiration date on their meat but states a practical shelf life of 12-15 years should be expected.  The latter sounds better to me.

Canned meat.  The in and outs…  I never thought I’d be eating canned meat (other than tuna) but then again we are a bit spoiled in the Western hemisphere.  The last canned meat I tried was elephant meat in South Africa.  No bueno.  How do you say “burn-bottom” in Swahili?.  That was 15 years ago and it now looks like we have the technology.

Survival Food Cave’s product surprised me with the apparent quality and taste.  The cans I tried contained whole chunks of real meat straight off the bone.  No waste, processed meat or fat chunks.  The juices they came packed in were not watered down and tasty in their own right.  Bueno.

There are more and more high quality, good tasting food storage and backpacking options coming to market these days.  Whether you use freeze dried foods, dehydrated products, root cellars or do your own canning, Survival Cave Food should probably be on your “check it out” list.

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