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Pursuit Mat Demo

The Pursuit Mat is a self-inflating sleep pad geared for the military user, according to the manufacturer.  It weighs in at 27 oz on our scale, about 4 oz greater than the manufacturer claims.  its basically made of some sort … Continue reading

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Anker 2600mAh Recharger Review

The era of portable energy is unfolding.  From solar rechargers and Stove USB devices like the BioLite to portable battery units like this one, the support many of us have been longing for in our portable electronics is slowly coming … Continue reading

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Ultralight B.O.B.?

Preparedness is a curiosity to some and religion to others.  The “prepper’s” level of dedication and near-fanaticism can rival that of professional athletes, hunting or fishing addicts, and at least one other outdoors demographic I can think of – the … Continue reading

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