Crovel Tactical Review

Our Crovel Tactical arrived to us weighing 3.5 lbs, 8 oz more than the manufacturer’s claim.  It’s built with a solid weld unlike the Crovel Extreme which greatly improves this version’s durability.  It digs and chops well enough (for an e-tool) but that’s where the lovin’ stops and reality crashes the party.

It is made from non-stainless,  4140 chromoly steel which, in this case, is quite soft.  Our axe blade dulled quickly and significant dings were left in the shovel’s edge from use in rocky soil.  It remains to be seen whether getting the paracord handle wet will rust the handle or not.  Smashing rocks with the blunt end left it mashed and gnarled – unlike the Crovel Extreme which held it’s form quite well under similar stress.

The saw blade appears totally unusable except on the smallest branches which might otherwise be done in by a single swing of the Crovel.

The Superspike reversible tip on the bottom of the handle looks cool but only ensures the operator will have something sharp pointed at them at all times and does not appear to have any real function we can discern.

Mr. Ralston’s demo video on Youtube  highlights the Crovel Tactical’s ability to chop rotten wood (?) as well as its use as a throwing axe.  Why anyone would throw a valuable tool for any reason in a survival situation (or otherwise) is a mystery to us but, yes, with practice, you can get it to stick into a tree.  See video.

It has a nice feel to it and is a big piece of metal. The potential for greatness is there but at $109 with a nonfunctional saw blade we can’t recommend the Crovel Tactical over any other e-tool.

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