SOL Escape Bivy Review

Adventure Medical’s SOL Escape Bivy claims some amazing features.  It’s alleged to be breathable, ultralightweight, inexpensive, and contain a barrier that reflects 95% of the user’s radiant body heat back to them (like a mylar blanket) increasing heat retention.

To find out if the SOL Escape Bivy lives up to these claims we put it through a few  quick and dirty tests.  They’re not perfect but we have a better idea of the bivy’s capabilities now.  Tell me what you think in the comments section below!

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One Response to SOL Escape Bivy Review

  1. Betty says:

    As an UL backpacker, I have used this bivvy in place of a sleeping bag inside a Big Agnes Fly Creek UL1 tent, sleeping on an insulted air sleeping pad with Smartwool sleepwear, fleece hat and socks. I have taken it down to the high 40s comfortably. My only concerns were breathability and reflectivity of warmth, both were excellent even during an all-night rain storm. I can probably take it down to lower temps wearing a down jacket, thicker fleece leggings, balaclava and sleeping with a hot water bottle. The clothes are not extra weight in my pack as I always bring them on a winter backpacking trip.

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