World’s Largest Gun Show – The Wannenmacher.

We are located in Tulsa, Oklahoma – a beautiful community with a multitude of cultural attractions and people from all walks.  I haven’t done all the math but there are many gun shows in Tulsa and its surrounding communities. MANY.  In fact, I’ve heard Tulsa referred to as the gun show capital of the United States.

Whether or not Tulsa has the most gun shows per year wouldn’t do as much to solidify this title for the city as the fact that twice a year it is home to the world’s largest gun show.  No joke. The Wannenmacher Arms Show is a gigantic event and a site to behold.  Well over 4,200 tables of private sellers and businesses hawking their guns, gun related wares and other items.  We attend to sell hunting backpacks and other unique items from our business.

People from all over the world visit the Wannenmacher providing some truly some unique opportunities for antique collectors.  The accompanying footage will give you an idea of the scope of the show – it is gigantic.  Remember, this is not a trade show (although we’ve seen some institutional buyers making the rounds), everything is on sale to the general public.

No matter how you feel about guns the Wannenmacher is likely to give you a broader perspective of the numbers, people, firearms and commerce that are all at the heart of the gun and gun control debate.

We’ve met some truly spectacular people at the Wannenmacher and seen some amazing  things, from the bizarre to the beautiful.  There is something for everyone at the world’s largest gun show! 🙂

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