Svord Peasant Knife Review

At $16-$20 Svord’s Peasant knife is an attractive offering.  Its straight razor-like design is based on a centuries old knife from Bavaria that captures the imagination of many users.  The knife is a friction style folder that is “locked”open by the lever on the back of the blade being held firmly within the handle by the palm of the user’s hand which secures it from closing.  Clever.

Svord makes numerous knives, including chef’s knives.  Their outdoors models are basically divided into an economy line and deluxe line.  The fit and finish of the economy line seems poor based on my experience with their economy Drop Point Hunter model.

The Peasant Knife relies, questionably, on a brass bolt for a pivot pin and brass washers which ultimately get the job done and keep costs controlled.   The knife can be easily disassembled and altered making it especially attractive to anyone who likes to tinker.

The steel is a bit of a mystery.  It used to be touted as Sandvik L6 carbon steel but is now only referred to by Svord as Swedish high carbon steel.  I’m not sure what the purpose of hiding the steel from the consumer is unless it is to let our imaginations run wild with the blade’s rustic, unfinished look and the term “high carbon”, as if to suggest we are purchasing some secret recipe crucible steel from the middle ages!  All I know is that edge retention is soft here and this high carbon folding knife blade is prone to rust.

Svord states their heat treat and temper is unique and results in a one-of-a-kind blade.  From internet forum posters and my own use of their their drop point hunter and Peasant knives I suspect  these blades are tempered to an HRC in the low 50s making them durable but soft and possibly affecting edge retention.  Note its poor performance sparking a magnesium rod.

Overall, however, I think the Peasant Knife is a big win.  Watch the video and find out why!

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