Stout Gear Ibex Knife Review

Always on the lookout for new knives, my spidey sense was tingling when a tall, bearded fellow by the name of Anthony Stout approached me with his hand-made knives one morning .

Mr. Stout is a custom knife-maker in eastern Oklahoma and a subsistence homesteader where he uses one of his knives daily for a wide range of tasks.  He and his business partner and fellow knife-maker, Chris Dees’, daily use of blades inspired them to create hard-use, tough and beautifully designed knives with stunning lines and purpose driven performance.

With the exception of their new skinning knife (3v steel) and the heavy duty 10″ Oxe (O1 steel), their knives are made from s35vn – Crucible’s now famous next generation stainless super-steel known to be tough and have excellent edge retention.

When combined with Stout Gear’s proprietary heat treat that includes a cryogenic phase, their signature convexed edge grind with “V” micro-bevel is an absolute winner.  As Mr. Stout put it “I tried to see how many rope cuts it would make but I wore out before the edge did.”  My own limited testing supports this claim (see the video above).  I’ve not tested a knife with better edge retention and was astounded to find it still shaving sharp after batonning against the grain through an entire 1 x 6 board.

Stout Gear’s knives are truly something to behold.  These are fantastic blades with excellent G-10 handles and unique, high functioning kydex sheaths that soldiers, hunters, outdoorsmen, homesteaders and anyone else in need of the toughest knife they’ve ever owned will praise.

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