www.greenbeetlegear.com sells the finest outdoors and survival products available.  High quality gear that performs when you need it too.

Our blog is an effort to inform and enlighten.  It highlights some products that we review for placement on our site.  Not everything makes the cut, as you will see.

2 Responses to About

  1. Steve says:

    In your opinion….what’s the best wilderness survival knife?
    Money is of no concern to me. Thanks

    • Greenbeetle says:

      The Rules:
      1. Everyone uses knives differently and different knives will suit them.
      2. Everyone’s hands are different and ergonomics are important for a tool you will use often. What fits your hand best is important.
      3. In a survival situation it is rare that one knife can accomplish all of the tasks needed with efficiency. Big knives don’t do fine work well and good luck chopping or batoning with your folder. You can also get lost in the serrated edge versus fine edge quagmire. Again, how do you use your knives and are you skilled at sharpening a serrated edge?

      If you’re looking for just one knife to do it all (which isn’t really fair to ask of a knife) consider the Fallkniven F1 Military or A1 Survival knives. Their tangs are thick “enough” and a razor sharp edge can be applied if desired. The half serrated Mission Knives MPS-Ti with G10 Handles also makes my list after personally witnessing the abuse their titanium blades can take. Swamp Rat makes some highly rated knives but I’ve never tried one.

      If you want two knives look into a Fallkniven WM1 fixed blade or Benchmade folder and the Busse chopper of your choice. Note, chopping requires skill and can be hazardous, think about whether a chopping blade is right for you.

      These are just my opinions. Good luck!

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