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Yoder’s Canned Bacon

This is the real thing.  +1 for Yoder’s.

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Tom Brown Tracker Review

In this review I examine Tom Brown’s self-proclaimed do-all knife as produced by TOPS Knives and find it’s most useful function was not described in its instruction manual, that of being a movie prop. Despite the Tracker’s ergonomic handle and … Continue reading

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My Favorite Machete

Talkin’ machetes!  I’d like to look at some different style machetes today.  I’ve posted review videos of specific models below.  For the record, the Ontario Military Machete is the one that gets the most use at my house. Note the … Continue reading

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Stout Gear Ibex Knife Review

Always on the lookout for new knives, my spidey sense was tingling when a tall, bearded fellow by the name of Anthony Stout approached me with his hand-made knives one morning . Mr. Stout is a custom knife-maker in eastern … Continue reading

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Svord Peasant Knife Review

At $16-$20 Svord’s Peasant knife is an attractive offering.  Its straight razor-like design is based on a centuries old knife from Bavaria that captures the imagination of many users.  The knife is a friction style folder that is “locked”open by … Continue reading

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Fire Ribbon Firestarter Review

There are many chemical firestarters on the market.  Unfortunately, it can actually be hard to find a well functioning, inexpensive replacement for the vaseline dipped cotton ball or homemade char cloth.  Alcohol based gels, for example, can be difficult to … Continue reading

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World’s Largest Gun Show – The Wannenmacher.

We are located in Tulsa, Oklahoma – a beautiful community with a multitude of cultural attractions and people from all walks.  I haven’t done all the math but there are many gun shows in Tulsa and its surrounding communities. MANY.  … Continue reading

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